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Apartment Photos

Finally pictures! I was so excited about the apartment being clean and tidy today I took the pictures I have been promising for weeks!

But before I show you, check out the pictures I added to the Ocean City entry and this Astronomy picture of the Day (the one from Aug 19 is the one I was intending to link there).

This is my room:
From my door to the left

Caroline, doesn't your table top look cool??
and the right

The center section or common area of the apartment:
Dana's "office" and the stairs (to the landlord's house)

The view to the right from the office

And the view from the left

Our fabulous little kitchen!

Omar, as the baker's rack is known, adds to our very limited counter space.

This is our sitting area ("my" couch is the one with the big beige pillow on it)

And these are the pillows we made at Grandmother's house!

I think my blogging program might kill me if I tried to add any more photos, so for now, this is what you get! It is extremely cute and homey, and exceptionally ours! I say this because I have never had an apartment before and this being our first makes it all the more special. Plus, we are lucky because it is huge and we don't have to pay extra for cable or parking. Now if we could only get the crickets to stop jumping out of the furniture .... (as one did today while I was straightening the quilt and another hopped out onto Dana's bed her first night) ... I guess every place has its quirks!

Signing off for now ... Love always, ~Heather