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Ocean City & 1812 Canons

So you probably spent the weekend sighing from relief that I wasn't inundating you with a barage of words. Well catch-up can be a kicker. Hehe.

Saturday night Dana and I left town and headed up to Ocean City, NJ for a mini-vacation. The drive went exactly 3.5 hours and was an omen for the rest of the trip - easy, light, perfection. Sunday morning was crumb buns with Uncle Gavin, church, hanging out and chatting, lunch, the beach, some beach volleyball (shut outs kind of bite), dinner, more story sharing, and then a stroll on the boardwalk including a little stop at Kohr Bros. and watching Clark DDR himself sweaty.

It should be noted here that the only acceptable choice for a Kohr Bros. cone is peanut butter / chocolate. Adding jimmies of any flavor or color is distracting. Though I have never had it sipped in chocolate sauce, I cannot imagine that making it more heavenly. Just a note.

Monday was equally relaxing. I got in some classic movie time, figured out how to fix my knitting project, and shared more stories. I also did fairly well at air hockey and miniature golf. Oh, and I spent some time getting the seashells out of my hair from the beach the day before. (That seems strange unless: 1.) I explain that I had been body surfing 2.) You have ever seen my hair.) Later in the afternoon we drove to the mainland for shopping and got the fabric for a project in our apartment and some other items we hadn't been able to conveniently find near home. We picked up a pizza and then had some fabulous cheese and tomato sauce on a light fluffy crust. Yum. Dana and I spent the rest of the evening sewing.

Morning came at an early hour so we could go to the early Assumption mass. Then we had chocolate muffins for breakfast and Grandmother taugh me how to add on to my scarf. Afterwards we went to see my Nanny in the nursing home. This incredible woman is almost a century old and hasn't known who I was in years. However, when she saw me today, she recognized me immediately, kissed my hands and started talking to me, as much as she talks. It was really wonderful. It was such a good day. I'm glad I got some pictures of us!

We went back to the house and Dana and Grandmother used Satin Hands and then I gave Grandmother a cream pedicure. All in all it was entirely relaxing, productive, fun vacation. We got back home in the early afternoon and I took a nap to recover from the drive (I alwasy feel like I walked the distance I drove). Also, as a special bragging note, we found gas for 2.78/gallon in NJ. I was thrilled. Last week it was 3.44 near the house. It is 3.33 now, but the difference was still worth it. Ahhh.

So the coming home in the middle of the day served two purposes: avoiding traffic and getting home in time for another event. Tonight Dana and I took our first city adventure to the Washington Monument for a free concert. The US Army Band was playing the 1812 Overture (amongst other things) out on the hill tonight. We drove to the metro (congrats for Dana's first parallel parking job ever!), took it into Metro Center and then walked down 14th to the site. This was the moment where Dana and I just looked at each other and said, "This is why we live here."

The concert was magnificent. There was a world class accordionist along with the Army Chorus and a fabulous soprano and tenor. I hope I am never so jaded that I don't want to go to things like that. We took the metro home and didn't get lost once. We so rock. And so ends a perfectly wonderful weekend at the shore followed by an enchanting evening on the Mall. (Yes, 23 shots from guns mounted on Howitzers can be enchanting.)

Tomorrow is finishing touch day in my room. I can't wait for everything to just fall into place. It is organized and basically everything is hanging up on the walls that should be. However, I still want to clean up my desk and make it as functional as possible before I run down to the bookstore in search of my textbooks. Okay, I am feeling pretty lazy now, so I am gonna go. I'll try to be slightly more upbeat and together tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful start to your week. Oh and happy feast day today and happy Wednesday tomorrow. Love always, ~Heather


Napoleon said…
Ahhhh free concerts, the joys of D.C. Hey, what church are you going to in D.C.?