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One Nerdy Gamecock

Today I got a late start. Then I sat in the DMV/MAV for ages. However, I did get my license - thank goodness. I came home and did a little laundry, had leftovers, and read the paper. Tonight's class was incredibly good. It was exactly what I had been hoping for, really. It is all about conducting research surveys and polling ... I can't wait. We are going to learn by actually administering some questionnaires and surveys ... this is so exciting.

I am a little bummed that my "tailgate" shindig for tomorrow isn't going to happen, but I will still be cheering like crazy for my Gamecocks and hopefully the other alums I know in the area won't all be busy for one of the next games. (If you still can make it though, leave me a comment and I'll get you directions!) For this evening I am off to read a little more of one of the ever growing stack of textbooks in my room (I bought 4 more today to add to the 6 on my desk). I also checked out the syllabus for tomorrow's class on blackboard ... in addition to the 6 mandatory texts, there are 10 article readings (on average) for each of the class sessions. I am going to be reading like a mad woman. Makes me feel like I should have come straight to grad school! Gotta love those books. Then again, if I had come straight here I would've stayed and Eagle and never become a Gamecock. And there ain't nothin' like bein' a Gamecock.

Go ... Fight ...Win ... Love always, ~Heather


Napoleon said…
sorry things didn't come together for this game, but please send me your digits so we can plan for the Georgia game or subsequent events. Good luck with the start of classes, mine start on Tuesday. And batten down the hatches a storm cometh.