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Full Day

I am too exhausted to be complete ...

Woke up. Little Dawson (love TBS). Shower. Dana's parents arrive. Breakfast and direction searching. Trips to IKEA (swedish meatball lunch), Home Depot, Linens 'N Things, drop off at home, and then to Costco. Home to unpack food, heat up dinner, build things we bought at IKEA. Draping and tucking of slip covers. Dinner. Receipt deciphering. Unpacking of movies. Boiling strange utensils left in drawers and rinsing packed items. Furniture rearranging. Chat with parents anf Grandmother. Vacuuming of baseboards. Arranging movies and games on shelves. More furniture arrangement. Quick pick-up in kitchen. Addition of duvet cover and final furniture moves. Sliding of boxes. Brushed teeth. Typed list.

All this and I think I only squished like four bugs and sprayed two others. Life is good. I am exhausted. The Advil just kicked in, which means I am off to the land of nod. I'll see you in the morning - bright and early. I sometimes question my ability to be productive, to do anything. Then on days like today, I prove that my ineptitude is only in my lack of faith in myself and the awesome powers of a God who is DEFINITELY doing everything he can to make life easier. Including helping me not get lost on 395 today. Hooray God. Love always, ~Heather