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People say that the only thing that stays the same is tha people change. I guess that is probably true. I am totally living the life I don't know that I ever thought I would have. I am still me, of course, but my life is just ... moving.

I'm not saying moving in the changing location way, I mean in the advancing way. Dana moved in today. I officially have a roommate again. And right now I am sitting on my couch, she on the other, and we are both sitting with our feet propped up, laptops on our laps, doing our own thing. I don't know that I would have ever envisioned this for myself. However, unlike the other things in my life that I wish I knew, I am so content to just have this be my life.

Our family room is going to be brown and purple. Our bathroom will be navy and space themed. I am going to have all of my green stuff in my room. We can choose our shelves and end tables from the collection of furniture in the garage or we can buy our own. We presented the list of issues to the landlords tonight and they were able to take care of some of the stuff right away, promising to take care of the rest soon. I promised myself I would be forceful about the issues I wanted to present, but then I wasn't. This is typical me. I know we are in a business arrangement - evident by the check I had to write them - but I still feel like it would be a pretty bad idea to upset them. Let me explain.

As I had previously mentioned, the bugs and the dirtiness of our apartment upon arrival was completely unsatisfactory to me. I scrubbed the grout in the bathroom white, took a scrub brush and cloth to the refridgerator surfaces (exterior) and the cabinets, sprayed all the windows for bugs, vacuumed out the fireplace, and cleaned all the baseboards and furniture pieces. However, I spent hours on this. Basically my first two days in the apartment were spent cleaning. I haven't unpacked anything really since the first night.

All that being said, I felt like we should get some compensation for all of the stuff I had to do. I talked to one of the landlords this morning, and she said they had paid a cleaning service upwards of $300 to clean the place up. I am wondering how awful it must have been under all the clutter I saw when I walked through that they honestly thought that cobwebs and dead bugs behind the furniture, brown grout, and marks and bugs on the window sills and all over the screens was clean. If you know me (and aren't Marco) you know how messy I really am, how cool I can be about things - heck, I had an old sideboard as a desk once and used cinderblocks as storage! - but perhaps because this place is so much more of an investment for me I am much more invested in its cleanliness.

Whatever the reason, I had it in my head I was going to ask for a two day proration on the rent for the days I spent cleaning. I went through my twenty-something long list of things that were broken, damaged, missing, or that I had questions about and in the end I felt like I was really just being pushy or something. I know I wasn't and that I have a right, for as much as I am paying a month, to demand that the apartment be liveable and in good repair. I just know that we are going to have to live with these people, in their home, for the rest of the year at least. I don't want to screw that up early by coming on too forceful or demanding. I have no idea if they would be accepting of it, based on the business aspect of it, or if they would make my life rather difficult as recompense. So instead of taking that risk, I am going to have to suck up what I think is fair for the well being of our living arangement.

I just kind of needed to write all of that down, sorry if I was rambling. Back to changes. I might be rearranging my room to make it more friendly to my future desk and my current port-a-closet. I can finally start unapcking after the furniture is in it's destination location. Tomorrow I am going to the grocery store to stock our place. We cut coupons today - yeah for being frugal. And one more change - I am exhausted. It kind of just hit me. It may just be time for a Krispy Kreme and then sleep. Maybe not. But I'm off for now.

Oh yeah, and did you notice the change of name? I decided changing the whole blog was not a superb idea, so I changed the title so the link would remain the same. Laziness or sheer pleasure in the constancy in life? I mean even with change, some things have got to the same. I'm trying way to hard to be existential, and I am not evn 100% sure I know what that word means. That must mean it is time for bed. Goodnight. Love always, ~Heather