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Phase ? Complete

Immediately before Dana arrived, I made a strategic plan for our apartment. I have no idea what phase of the plan we have completed (because I never numbered the plan), but today we finished the kitchen and the bathroom. Omar, our baker's rack, arrived from Walmart and we successfully relocated the towel bar in the bathroom. We only have to change the shower head now. Excellent.

Before Dana's dad left, he fixed the floor in the kitchen, the fan, the doors, Dana's lighting fixture, found studs for us to hang things on - there are not enough thank-yous in the world for all the handiwork he finished around the apartment. With all his fabulous work, the bug spray and the weed killer outside, and getting the trash and recycling out. By the way, hooray for finally being able to recycle again. It is such a relief to not be poisoning hte environmentwith every trash bag I throw out.

We also had a huge breakthrough today - only one creepy crawly, knock on wood, found in the place. Additionally, I finally think I got my furniture placement right and my closet is finished. I'll probably be as close to finshed as I get by Sunday evening. If I can get done sooner, I'll hop on the road and head out to the shore for a few days. It would be nice to relax, get some sun, and even eat some Kohr Bros.

I know that all you have gotten lately is snippets of cleaning and packing and unpacking which can't be overwhelmingly interesting for you. I wish I had more interesting stories, trust me. Instead, let me tell you about a few rather fun/funny things that have happened recently.

In Costco, Dana pointed out a mouse scurrying across the aisle.

While putting together Dana's bookshelves, I discovered the quality Target furniture secret: tape. That's right friends, in addition to the dowels and screws Target bookshelves come with tape so you can tape the backing pieces together. One piece is clear (for the back side) and the other side is "maple" which sort of looks like the fake laminate on the "wood" shelves. Who knew?

After taking apart part of my portable closet so I could add the additional hanging bars off the sides I discovered a hitch: the support bars only fit the small side of the unit. You think it wouldn't take a genius to notice that they weren't square frames but rectangular, but I am obviously even below that. Thank goodness I dropped those engineering classes, I would have totally failed out.

While returning the original Omar to IKEA Dana's mom definitely could not find the keys because she had left them in the ignition and the car was running. Dana was the genius who found the keys. I stood there aimlessly looking around, leaning on the running car, not noticing.

Using extension cords as a tape measure because although we both own one, neither of them could be located.

Finishing a bottle of wine while watching reruns of Sex and the City.

Eating cookies and losing brain cells watching Who Wants to be a Superhero?

And the best part is that it is gorgeous outside and tomorrow we are going to spray for bugs and tape up the screens so we can leave the windows open a little.

I think this is the part of college I missed the first time because I always lived in a dorm. I loved having Jess as a roommate and Melissa and Pam as suitemates ... I had an absolute blast building duct tape spoons and paperclip chains and storing chocolate finger paint in my fridge and the best, the writing on the bathroom wall. Then as an RA, I had about 38 roommates a year and not to mention all my fabulous co-workers who helped me feel totally at home ... but this place is a different type of home.

Here we are again, typing away on our respective sofas, with You've Got Mail in the background. Our kitchen stocked and modestly decorated, the bathroom with a blue space/star theme, and our common area just slowly becoming personalized ... it ... Maybe it is because it is my money this time. I mean it was last time too, but I knew it was a dorm and I never had to write a check. I'll be paying the loans later on, but it doesn't feel like the same thing. It isn't like paying my rent and phone and newspaper service. It isn't quite a permanent address, but it is as close as I've had while not living with my parents.

I feel like I am ready to start this new life. I have a short term plan and a long term plan with alot of holes in it. Like the plan for my apartment, I have not numbered it. I don't know what order I'll do things in (except school, start job, then family), but I am comfortable with the uncertainty of it all. It seems like the parts I can't plan are almost the parts I am most looking forward to - the surprises. Don't get me wrong, I am still the homebody who loves definites you remember; but I am ready for a little adventure. DC is going to be a perfect place for me to start this new experiment in life.

So for now, I am going to take off. I'll keep you updated on the adventures - planned or not. Have a magnificent day (or night). Love always, ~Heather