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One More Day

I think by tomorrow that everything in the apartment is going to be straightened out. Today was relatively productive. I definitely had my lazy moments, but we got a phone number, decided on a Netflix plan, arranged the fish tank, hung the posters and frames in the common area, and my dresser is looking amazingly clear. In addition to that, my laundry is fresh, clean, and folded in my basket.

This morning I was up early, even for me. I had Eli (the landlord's son) on a monitor in my room, and everytime he would flip over it would wake me up. I was listening for him this morning because their daughter had to have tubes put in her ears. As I had that surgery more than once, I was more than happy to be of some minor assistance. The procedure has certainly changed since I had it. They left here at 6:30 and were home by a little after 9am. I am glad it was quick and relatively painless for her, I know she slept most of the afternoon. Anyway ... (as memories of my ear suregeries wander around in my head and I ponder whether or not I accidently called the surgery tubal ligation earlier when I was talking about it to someone else. I know there is a HUGE difference - but maybe the other person didn't notice?)

Dana has a "very Jewish" friend over for a few days, so I made my first intentionally kosher meal this evening, vegetarian couscous. Eggplant, onions, and carrots as the hot vegetables and tomato and cucumber as the cold veggies and then a finishing course of french bread and brie. It was as close to a full french/morrocan meal as I have had in a while. Gosh I miss being in France. I miss the people, the language, the market in the Place Ducale. I miss my friends and family there ... I know it was only a few months ago, but it seems so far away. I mostly miss how carefree my life was - how I didn't seem to have to worry about romance, family arguments, planning the rest of my life ... The only concern that I have now that is the same as then was how I am going to manage my money.

In my times of procrastination I often sit and wonder about all the things I shouldn't worry about. I really have no idea why I am being so sullen the past two days. My depressed mood is starting to annoy me already. I hope I can pull myself out of it by tomorrow. I know I hit slumps sometimes, but it is really no reason to feel like this. I have a wonderful life. I am blessed with so many amazing things. I think perhaps I'll try to find some volleyball in town tomorrow. Physical exercise is exactly what I need to get my mind moving again. (Wouldn't hurt my waist either.)

Tomorrow I'll have a fresh to-do list that is sure to keep me occupied, especially since the master to-do list is far from complete at the moment. As I turn my attention away from my dwelling place and onto the start of school, I have to clarify my schedule, buy books, figure out the best route to get to school and whether or not using the bike my neighbor offered me is feasible for my daytime classes (I really hope so). There are also some fun social events coming up. There is the party on the 31st for the first televised USC game of the season (all local Gamecock fans invited, other football lovers will be considered), my parents and Bobby visiting, the happy hour at the National Press Club, and The Princess Bride on the outdoor screen in Rockville on Saturday. For someone so new in town, I am proud to say I actually have things to do!

But this day has already drawn to a close and so should this entry. I would side note perhaps reading Shopgirl by Steve Martin, which was a very interesting story that is so true to real life it is scary. Also, it is rather short. I am trying to get in as many books as possible before school starts so expect a few more suggestions in the coming week. Alright, time for bed now. Thanks for listening, I can't tell you how theraputic it is to be able to inanimately talk to someone. (And thanks to Tiffany for animately listening.) Goodnight. Love always, ~Heather