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I have arrived in my new place. It is not exactly what I expected upon arrival, but I think that after a little hard work, the place should be looking top notch by the weekend. Moreover, I am connected to the internet and I can return my router to the store, because I can just tap into the one upstairs. I am officially wireless. 6 years ago, I would have never believed it to be true.

So the router is $40 back plus I clipped coupons today from the sunday Washington Post. I love being able to buy the full Post with the comics, the magazine, PARADE, coupons, and like 10 individual sections. It is going to take most of my free time this week to read it cover to cover (if I try to, which I probably won't).

Anyway, I'll give you some more details later, but I am safe, I am sound (though I never really was sound of mind), and I am within connection (internet and cellphone) of the rest of the world. I think I "might could" get used to this. Indepedence, space, and responsibility. Oh yeah, and more bugs than I think I am willing to be comfortable with. The supplementary bug spray purchases start tomorrow. Keep in touch. Love always, ~Heather


discipleassisi said…
do you have crunchy friends?
Heather said…
None that I have seen in full form yet. Lots of strange ones I don't know, small spiders, and ants. However, I figure taking the time to classify them before they get in my clothes and food just isn't worth it!