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Fried or Over Easy?

How would you like your brains today? Fried or over easy? Poached isn't yet an option - but it may be. Over easy is how my Dad puts it. Calm, relaxed, sure we'll find a place in enough time and within budget. Fried is the status of my brain after having stared at the computer screen for about 6 straight hours in the past two days alone looking for places.

Oh, and the cold calling is fun too. Calling places and seeing if they'll have space available in August. Yeah, no. Or they do but their rate is about $200 more than the advertised price online. Or there isn't any parking. A million things going wrong more or less at the same time. Fan-tabulous.

On the roommate front, we should be fine if I still have three people (three person apartments are significantly cheaper per person per month than two bedrooms). If not, I have to make one of the scariest phone calls of my life today to ask someone (who probably doesn't like me all that much, but is reliable and at least someone I KNOW) if they are interested in joining our pow-wow of fun. Not really looking forward to that.

I should state here for the people who are wondering why I would bother to call someone to live with them if I think they don't like me that finding a roommate who you know and trust is extremely important - particularly if you don't feel like paying twice your regular rent to account on behalf of someone less reliable. Hopefully things will start looking up soon. There have to be more vacancies than I am actually seeing online.

In happy news, I am finally going to get to see the school I'll be going to. I am going to try to take a tour if possible. I doubt any one from my department will be there over the weekend - but I am going to try to talk to someone from the PC school too. I am really excited about that.

So to sum up .... eat your eggs, they're good for you. And please God don't let my brain turn from fried to scrambled before, after, or during this trip. Thanks. I'll butter you... up! Er, I mean some toast. Love always, ~Heather

P.S. You can't really butter up God, can you? ~HB


Napoleon said…
Why don't I like you very much?
Heather said…
You weren't the call I was worried about! One of our mutual friends is way scarier to me than you. Kind of like what you were talking about in your "Ghost" blog.
Napoleon said…
I see