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1864 Abe Lincoln renominated for President by Republican Party

It is on the history bar today (slide down on the left hand side of the page) and I thought it was particularly interesting considering I started reading a book called, Mr. Lincoln's Wars last night. It is thirteen short stories that reflect the life and times of President Lincoln. I want to delve into all this history. I either need to start understanding history or politics if I am going to be the president of the US one day (the dream, the dream, and don't laugh, because I know you are). I am still with Kayla and Kim on the "you can't not lie and be the president," but maybe I'll try to change that.

I hope living in DC next year gives me a pretty good perspective on the political system and whether or not I will be able to tolerate the "spinning." I am going to school to learn how to do it, so I guess I better make sure I know that I can morally stand it. If you witness drops in my moral standards - please make a note to tell me. I would really appreciate it.

Speaking of DC and thinking of Columbia, I plan on having a party at my place (still non-existent) for the first televised game of the season (does anyone know which one that will be yet?). Anyone in the Washington, DC area is more than welcome. Spread the news. Gamecocks unite to support their team. It'll be good to watch with garnet and black friends instead of alone with my FSU alum roommate (same colors, but the ACC is just not as cool) and whoever else is there.

So by now you are wondering about the title. Honestly, it was something my dad and I were talking about and I have completely forgotten the context of the original conversation. Suffice it to say that I was laughing really hard and I promised it would make an appearance in my blog. and so it has. It is pretty funny to try and figure out what we were talking about when that came up. I am really going to have to ask him.

In other news I am working up a storm with a variety of neighborhood odd jobs and making relatively decent money at it. I am hoping to save enough to pay for all my books and my car payments throughout the first semester without having to touch my other money. I will still probably have to get a few more jobs before that happens.

And now I am off to fill out forms and read some more before I have to go to work again. I love all of this spending time with kids. It is the perfect birth control (besides my abstinence and lack of boyfriend) to know I don't want to have to spend my entire day saying "blow, okay again" as green grossness drips out of my child's face. Or to have my necklace ripped off because he was scared to swim. Or to make macaroni and cheese with no cheese for a very strange child who eats noodles with nothing on them. I could go on forever. Alice says when you meet the man who will be the father of your children you'll feel differently. I have to say I must not have met him yet. Or my feelings are in recess. Or something. Because I have to tell you that whiny, bratty, tantrums may be easier than say, astrophysics, but I dare you to do my job. I really do.

Love always, ~Heather


Melissa said…
I don't think I'll feel differently when I meet the man who will father my children so much as when I meet the man who will clothe/feed/clean up/change diapers/bathe/and drive them around. I'm open to considering the possiblity that these are two different men.