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Jinx Proof

I will not say anything in the affirmative, but I found an excellent housing option today and am thrilled. I am waiting for yea nay's from my potential roommate(s) and then I am scheduling a trip up. If the guy will hold it - next week. If not, Friday. I'll go up and back in a day if I have to to find the perfect place (obviously I'll be checking out a few other places too just in case). Working Saturday definitely throws a wrench in there, but maybe he'll hold it.

I have been using the AU search engine for awhile now about once a week checking back for updates. Hence today's find. Very excited (in a potential, not overly enthused way). So excited in fact I have done not too many other things today. Finished reading the Hahn book, still good. It helps that one of the characters has my name I think. However, I realized only on the reread where something I once did got its inspiration - I had already read it in that book.

I am going to switch my laundry and take a nap (got about 5 hours last night, so pretty tired). I'll probably make my phone calls before then though - just so I have them finished by five. My way of avoiding trouble is making sure I have ten other places that I could potentially get excited about.

Tonight we are having dinner with old friends from the first time I lived in Florida who are in the area on a mission trip. I am excited to see them again (it's been 3 years or more!). Hope everyone is having as upbeat of a day as I am. The rain has stopped and God is blessing just about everything! Hope those of you in the NE are drying out a little bit too. Hugs, ~Heather


Hugues said…
Juste a little kiss for said "we don't forget you!!"
I hope uou'll find quickly answers for all you problems.
Alice is very tired.
News pictures on my blog ;-)