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No (Dis)Appointments

I am bummed I am going to miss the French Circle meeting again this month. I was pretty bummed none of the apartment complexes on the NW side of DC had 2 bedrooms available. And that is all the bad news from today.

Isn't that fantastic? I have gone to work, eaten, slept, knitted, and watched television in the past 24 hours. However the most important thing I have done is make appointments. Lots and lots of appointments! We are seeing (Dad and I) two townhouses, one house, two condos, and an apartment during our visit up this weekend. Not to mention seeing AU for the first time in my life. I am so excited. I am going to make sure I have batteries in my camera and on my computer, borrow a cable and off I go!

Plus, the phone call from yesterday wasn't as dead awful as I was afraid it would be, my FAFSA is finished, my room is basically clean, Marco bought tickets to come and visit (the States, not just me), and the banana-strawberry-walnut bread I made was a big hit! As they so cutely said it in Practical Magic "Life is perfect." But I am replacing perfect with good. But I didn't want to lose the reference to the movie. What a good one.

Okay, tomorrow I have to clean my car, pack, and finish making appointments and email all the people who need to be emailed to make sure that everything is ready for the things that are going to be happening. (I did all of that in abstraction just to be tricky! Can you tell I am in a good mood?)

If you aren't careful I'll tell you a joke. Worse yet, I'll tell you my favorite joke and no one but me will laugh. (And it isn't the one you are thinking Marco!) I am relieved and happy, and ready for the stress of this weekend. I am loving life. I'll talk to you all soon and hopefully have some great pictures to show you too! Love always, ~Heather


discipleassisi said…
hope it's going well!!