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Monetary Tribulations

Today, after a two-month grace period and much accidental procrastination ...

US Federal Tax form 1040EZ
SC Tax Form 1040
SC Schedule NR (meaning Nonresident)

And close to $100 coming in the mail before the end of this year. Gotta love getting your own hard earned money back from the government.

Tomorrow's task: FAFSA. To declare myself in independent or remain dependent. That is the question. Secondary and, I think, perfunctory question: do I like staying on my father's health insurance? Being dependent certainly has its advantages.

And I have two paychecks to cash. And a monetary transfer to send my parents for every penny they put out towards my car while I was gone. Then I am set for the summer. **Large sigh of relief**

Special thanks to my best friend for calling me to wish me a happy birthday today. One month and two days late he can still make me feel special. Perhaps this is payback for the birthday card I have had for almost three years but haven't sent yet. I fear he might get it when he's thirty.

In other news, it is Donald Duck's birthday today, from way back in 1934. Congratulations to the old bird: 72 and still going strong. And speaking of animals I took Shadow to the vet today (hurray for hunky veterinary assistant with the adorable smile). Not as excited about the uber idiotic vet who stuck the dog ten times, and shaved part of his paw to draw blood and then had to call in the other vet who took it in one draw, on the first try. Kudos to the incompetent goober who stradled the dog during this process and then got upset when he growled. Yeah, because working in a vet's office you have no idea that dogs don't like to be dominated over - go you.

But all is well on the homefront. Swimming laps, uploading pictures to facebook, and watching West Wing dominated my day. The shrimp scampi for dinner wasn't half bad either. Good thing, because one has to consistently make up for my tragic inability to find an affordable place to live within a reasonable geography of mine and Dana's schools. No fear though, all will fall into place eventually. It has to. It will. I have faith. Your prayers are still welcome however.

Hugs and kisses, ~ Heather