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I'm not writing alot. I promise you and me. Got home from Denver safe and sound. Have completely finished The Devil Wears Prada. Loved it. Babysat, saw Over the Hedge at the movies, took the kids to the park, went to the pool, had Sonic with Mom for dinner, then hit up the choir rehearsal at church (the dying cats have thinned in number).

This morning I made sure my money got here from France. Suckers (sorry, PG-13 there, but deservingly) waited an extra week to process my money transfer and the exchange rate dropped six cents on the dollar and I lost $60 in the wake. Not thrilled. However, the money is here, so I can finally pay my parents back.

I watch West Wing, hello, it is so good. Saw Access. It is an episode in Season 5 all about being a press secretary and highlighting the ups and downs of the job. I so want that job. To get there though I need an education, so....

I called American and I am officially registered for 12 hours of masters credit in Public Communication. I even got to choose my professors. This new exciting step makes deferring my USC loans and getting back on my father's (from my traveler's) health insurance. Tonight or tomorrow will finalize all these money and school things with my filing of state and national taxes (thank goodness for a two month grace period for people out of the country) and my FAFSA. Then all I have to do is find an outside loan corporation to cover the rent and everything else I'll need to live while in DC and find an apartment. Things are really looking up.

In other productive news I cleaned up my mother's computer and added a few rungs to my scarf. I am going to take care of mine and the neighbor's dog, shower up, and then head out to get stuff to start my new quilt. Summers have now become my time to do personal crafty projects and knitting, quilting, and probably shelf making are definitely on the list of things to do.

I promised I wouldn't write alot and for those of you unsure, this really isn't. I'll review the book, the movie, and update you on plans as soon as I have them. Best of luck to Helene who is due any minute now (possibly right now!). Love and miss you all, ~Heather


zug said…
We came back from hollidy this aftrenoon. I've got man messages to read.
There will be new photos on my blog in few days.