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Answered Prayer

A non-intentional prayer was answered today. Yesterday I was walking home thinking that my situation in finding a place was horrible, and that I could really just use one other person to help. Someone else who would be looking too. Then I wouldn't feel so alone, and I would stress less about it. My sister called today and offered to help me look for someplace. Just volunteered. I was so happy and relieved.

(I said the prayer was unintentional because I have been praying alot about finding a place but only recently decided to be more open in my prayer - including now letting the Lord help me find a solution to the housing situation, of course because He knew best, I was going to stop being specific about how. Who said "ask and ye shall receive" isn't true?)

My parents have been doing alot to help - like taking me up to the city, putting up with my bad moods, calling friends - everything. Dana and her family have been searching as much as possible, and I got a real estate agent on the case this morning too. It took me so long to realize that there were lots of people out there helping - even if they were just rooting for me to succeed.

So thanks for that. To all of the people who have been there and kindly aided me (silently or otherwise) I really, really appreciate it. Even if I still haven't found a place. Tonight was the first time I sat down to relax and didn't feel like the two and a half hours I had worked before that weren't enough. I got to enjoy my "me" time. There's nothing like that.

I'm off to my room to re-read a children's book by Mary Downing Hahn, Wait 'Til Helen Comes. It scared the bejeebers out of me as a kid, but remained one of my favorite books. I hope this adult reading of the text won't skew my favor of it. I'll probably be able to let you know tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, because I am not working I'll finally have time to do my laundry, scrub the tile in the laundry room, call a bunch of the listings I found in the past two days, maybe swim a little, and hopefully start making some appointments for my second trip to DC. I'm feeling better about it already. Love always, ~Heather

P.S. "Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." ~John F. Kennedy Coincidence that is the quote of the day? I think not! "Tata" ~H (anyone catch the reference?)

P.P.S. I felt really weird signing off like that, because brains are something I prefer to think with ... too much horror for one night (if you don't know the reference you won't understand this post script). Anyway. Love you all. ~Heather


Napoleon said…
Heather, have you worked with Residence Life at American? I know at Georgetown they have a real estate agent on staff to help students find apartments in the city. If nothing else they can tell you where all the other students are living. This may be an option you have already tried though.
Heather said…
They have an online search engine I've been using pretty often. Check today's entry!