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It is time for a renewed spirit. I didn't have alot of success this weekend finding a place. In fact, only one of the places we looked at is still being considered (two others were certainly good enough, but had too many strikes against them on my count). But I am searching again. I know what I am doing. I am pretty sure I know how I'll go about it. All I have to do now is arrange for everything to fall into place. It is an awful lot of hurry up and wait.

I started praying alot harder about it yesterday when everything seemed to be going pretty badly. Then today's homily was about not being afraid. And the priest talked about Job. Let's just say that in comparison, I have nothing to worry about. It doesn't make my problems less important to me, it just puts them in perspective - it could be much worse.

So I am off to scour the internet again. There are all sorts of great places out there hiding. I just know there are. Here's hoping I can break the code and find the secret places. My spirit is awash with energy ... I am off.

Tell you more about the trip later. Love always, ~Heather