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D'abord je veux dire un grand merci a Charlotte qui a m'ecrit une carte postale - et felicitations sur le BAC - je suis fier de toi! J'attends, avec impatience, le reponse de la propriatrice (?) pour mon apartement pour l'annee prochaine. J'espere qu'elle dit OUI. Et, j'attends. Aussi, j'ai pensee et apres beaucoup de reflection, "je suis desolee et merci pour le sentiment."

I am waiting like crazy for a response from my potential future landlord. I have about 5 calls to make based on the response she gives me. Although she has unofficially said she is choosing us to live in the apartment, "no verbal agreement is the same as a written one." Mr. Dudenhefer reminded me before I set out looking for places and he is absolutely right. God has granted me patience though - at least more than I had.

Hurrah! Because I got a card from Caroline today and I cannot wait to start planning my trip out there. Also, AU has been contacting me and I am starting to have things to do for that. Plus last night I drew out final plans for my quilt and tonight I will start the sorting and labelling. I found out that my new roommate has star lights - which thrills me because I love those and have a fabulous star shaped lantern I haven't gotten to hang in a single place I have lived yet!

Work today was interesting. It being my first day, I had the usual things to overcome: whining, crying, hitting, impolite behavior, and inability to follow directions. I am certain that I will be able to correct some of these things by the end of the week. I said it was my first day, but I have been babysitting for these boys for a long time, but never as a daytime nanny.

Last night I used one of the french cookbooks people gave me to make dinner for my family. Actually, Dad made most of it. We had couscous with leeks and a creme sauce with salmon and a tomato based vinagrette creme sauce. (Couscous, les poireaux a la creme, saumon avec un sauce de vinaigre balsamic, les tomates, le beurre, et bouillon de poulet) Very good.

But, I wasn't good at figuring out how long it was going to take and we set a pot on fire in the kitchen! Dad put it out and then it flamed up again and the smoke detectors were going off like crazy and there was so much stuff in the air that I couldn't even hang out downstairs for the rest of the evening. It tasted delicious though, really. (We didn't wind up using the pot that caught fire, luckily we hadn't put the food in it yet!)

As my mother said, she should never leave other people alone in her kitchen. I don't know if her being there would have made it any better, but there certainly would have been more (well deserved) yelling and scolding! OKay, I need to take a shower so I can recuperate from today and then get ready to do some fun stuff tonight. I'll be going to bed early again because work starts at 7am. Good thing I only have to walk next door. Love always, ~Heather