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I'm Wearing Jeans

Alternate Title: Money Pretty Much Sucks

I know it seems like I am ranting about money lately. That is because I am. This is going to be the last paragraph of it though (probably). I cannot find a graduate student loan interest rate much less than 8%. I feel like I am being ripped off already and I haven't even taken out the money yet. Everything is based on the LIBOR rate, which has gone up 2% in the past year. It may go down again, making a variable interest rate loan look good. But if it goes up instead of down and there is no cap, then I skyrocket into dept until I'm 35 (or worse). So I'll probably stick with the Graduate PLUS loan, which has a rate just under 8% if I go with my bank. I figure it is one loan, for one year, and with any luck it will be paid back in the first five years. But then, as it turns out, I can get penalized for paying it back early if I am successful enough to do that. As someone once said (though I don't know from experience), it is like getting screwed with your pants on - and I'm wearing jeans.

In happy land, I went shopping today and got all of the absolutes on my shopping list for less than $60. I searched online and found myself an armoire for $119 and it might actually be big enough to hold a good portion of my wardrobe. This leaves me, after tax, with $115 for incidentals and other unexpected expenses. I am one happy girl.

And for the inexpensive cost of $28.90, I got bite-wings and a panoramic x-ray of my mouth done this morning at the dentist. I am happy to report no cavities (just 13 teeth on the watch list - only half serious here). For the first time ever, I was not scolded about my flossing - I was commended. And about three weeks ago I bought some flouride rinse for before bed, so I could honestly tell the dentist I was using it. This is all excellent news after a devastating 3 years since my last visit.

Cool things at the dentist office:

The power water cleaner for the plaque near my gums (you have it too, stop thinking it's gross). This thing cleans with some serious power!

My dental hygenist, who also cleaned with some serious power and was really considerate.

The something-that-starts-with-a-"c" tool. Also known as the baking soda intense spray gun (okay, tool). This thing sprays like the water power cleaner but releases baking soda instead to help with stains. It is kind of like using a loofa on your teeth. I had to wear safety goggles and the towel she draped over the regular thing they put on your neck was needed too. I literally had to wash my face afterwards because of the spray particles that had rebounded off of my teeth. This did not disturb me - I was still excited about the tool.

The only less than cool thing was having a trainee watching during the bite-wings and the woman who was doing the procedure had to put the little plate between my teeth, with the new digital sensor behind it, plus about 5 inches of the the cable (wrapped in a plastic bag) in my mouth with about three of her fingers to get it in place; at which point she said "Bite down" and I fearfully attempted to shut my trap without getting her fingers or losing the placement of the sensor (which only happened twice). I really hope they use the old method on kids.

I love the dentist. Getting my teeth cleaned is really fun for me. I think it is because I had teeth pulled starting at about age 8, and after that, nothing at the dentist could really be a bad experience. (And if you think having your teeth pulled isn't painful, just ask about the time I had a molar pulled with no novacaine. That was about as fun as (I imagine) laying on a bed of rusty nails without your tetanus shot and having an evil overweight child start jumping on you as if you were a boxspring and mattress.)

I guess that is about enough for now. I'll have more news tomorrow I'm sure. But in the meantime keep your chin up. I'm wearing the jeans my sister bought me and I'm feeling lucky. Maybe going to the bank to get my loan tomorrow won't be as painful as I imagine it will be. I might wear a skirt or sweatpants - just in case. Love always, ~Heather


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