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Jiggety Jig

I'm home again. I hope the searching is finally over. I refuse to jinx myself and will let you know tomorrow. But in the meantime I have some advice for anyone in the DC area.

If ever you are driving along I-95 and it is your last chance to get in the HOV lanes and they look like they are going slower than the regular traffic ... GET IN THE HOV! About a mile later you will find yourself spending 2 hours and 15 minutes to go 20 miles and still having to get off one exist too early and take an alternate route to your destination.

If you are thinking about driving up Connecticut Avenue from south DC about half way up you will discover that it becomes one way in the south bound direction for approximately two blocks. You will have to take a detour - I hope you have a map handy.

Unless the signs are orange and there are little men waving you in the other direction, consider all signage intentional "get you lost" devices.

If it sounds like the housing is a great deal, it is either 1. renovated as early as 1950 - very modern or 2. in the most god-awful neighborhood. Otherwise it is just out of your price range.

Honking is a sign of love. Those other drivers are so friendly!!

Take a parkway. They are beautifully landscaped, have almost no traffic (because they have low speed limits), and mostly have all the exits you'd ever need well posted.

If the ad is spelled wrong, don't respond.

These are my small wisdoms for now. I'm sure I'll have more. It is a darn good thing I love that city - otherwise I might have backed out entirely by now! Okay, off to finish the day. Very excited! Love always, ~Heather