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While scanning my other recent posts I realized that the phrase "got it" had been used in at least all the ones on the page. Pretty exciting news I guess. And if you don't think that is exciting, consider that I got to vacuum my entire house today including ALL of the baseboards (along the floor and on top of the molding) and wash sheets and reorganize my room. Makes repetitive phrases look a whole bunch more fun, doesn't it?

Aside from cleaning I indulged in a little Dawson's Creek, West Wing, and (for Kevin) Boy Meets World. I feel like one of those housewives people make fun of who sit and eat bonbons and do nothing else. If I hadn't broken a sweat doing the other activities of the day I might have put myself into that category.

So this is my lame life. Tomorrow it gets significantly less lame as I start packing up my bedroom and consolidating the boxes in the garage (not too heavy, but not too many either). I also need to see the doctor, register for some AU stuff online, rent a small moving van or truck, make a dentist appointment, mail my security deposit and lease, and make arrangements to have my car checked (oil change, tire rotation, fluids, brakes, etc) before I make the big drive back up to DC. I guess it may still be lame, but it will certainly be busy too.

All that being said, I am going downstairs to spend time with my parents. Family is extremely important! I got to see Travis this weekend and today is Lorien's birthday. A week of celebration! Hurray! Okay, more news (and perhaps pictures) soon. Love always, ~Heather


hugues said…
Hi Heather !

It's good to have news, and time for read it.
Do you use msn or other system.
Martin and Alice miis you a lot and me too.