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Quatorze jours. Fourteen days.

Je vais demenager a DC, c'est vraiment proche maintenant. Si vous voulez mon nouveaux adress je peut vous envoyer (laissez moi un message par email ou une commentaire). J'ai pleine d'energie de fait mes cartons; rends les visites au medecin, dentist, mechanique (pour la voiture); et aussi pour les dernieres moments a Fayetteville avec ma famille (pour maintenant). Chaque jour j'efface quelquechose de le tableau dans ma chambre. Il y a plus et plus des cartons dans le garage (mon pauvre pere besoin garer dehors a cause des cartons). Je suis contente.

On a deja louer un van (parce que ma voiture est trop petite) et j'ai telephoner practicaliment tout le monde pour les rendez-vous necessaire. Je ne crois pas que j'ai seulement quatorze jours qui reste ici. C'est le treizieme fois que j'ai demenager pendant 5 ans. C'est jamais plus simple que le derniere fois - pour moi, c'est toujours un nouveaux adventure. Mon blog va changera le jour que je parts d'ici (n'inquiete pas, je vais creer un liens). Je vous remercie mon Dieu, parce que je ne peut pas faire le voyage (et le preparation) toute seule. Aussi un grand merci a mes amis qui sont toujours la pour moi. Je vous manque something fierce (expression = beaucoup * 100).

It is only fourteen days until I move. I have a van all ready. I am going to type a schedule of events for the weekend of move-in. I took care of all the insurance issues, the security deposit and lease, made appointments for doctors and dentists, got all of my junk out of the attic and into the garage, and have started the arrangements for going out and getting the rest of the stuff I need. This is move number thirteen in 5 years for me, and I can say that without a doubt it does not get easier. Everytime you think you have things under control and you aren't forgetting something, something new throws you for a loop.

The loop this time is what to bring. You might be thinking, if you move so much, you know exactly what to bring! Usually true. But this is my first apartment, and as such, it is the first time I am leaving home and will not be coming back to "my room." It is going to be refurnished into a guest room. That means that in addition to packing the things I am taking with me, I need my room to be in a condition that makes it accessible and neat to my mother as she attempts to convert it over the next few months, namely, packing all the things I am not taking and putting them in the attic. Plus, I have never had to decorate a commons area before. What if Dana doesn't like my stuff?

After living in France last year, I realized that you A) collect alot of junk in a year and B) can live off of two suitcases and a backpack if you really need to. That being said, this is going to be alot more like creating a home, and so I need things like, say, a vacuum cleaner (a broom just isn't going to cut it on wall to wall carpet) or actual cooking supplies (my very first year without a meal plan). But should I really bring my diploma? What about all of my books? Do I need my filing cabinet of papers from college? I know I was saving them so I could use them again, but will I actually be needing them in the next year? It is alot of questions I guess. Any suggestions are welcome.

For now, I am off to type my moving schedule and to make plans to go to my grandmother's house sometime right after I move in. Oh, and perhaps fly down to see my other grandparents too. Lots to do and only fourteen days to do it. Why do I think moving day is going to be here before I know it? Love always, ~Heather