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Creating Blogs

Here is a fabulous picture of my sister. I need it to create her marvelous new blog which has movie and television reviews. Check it out!

As it turns out though, I can't use this picture because the file is too big. I'll fix it tomorrow. Recently I have helped both my siblings start their own blogs. I kind of like this because now I have some more interesting (hopefully) things to read. Plus it is fun to be a trend setter in the family for once.

All this working has also encouraged me that even those inconsequential classes I took as an undergrad will come in handy some day. CSCE 102 has already filled its quota of usefulness. Only 140 more hours to validate!

I'm off now to stop procrastinating and get some things done. I am progressing on the packing (or at least the organization of the packing). I have many lists now - and I will really enjoy crossing them off. I wish I had a friend to go shopping for these things with me though. I feel like it would be easier if there were someone else in the car/stores with me to help make all these decisions. Even if they didn't give me any advice. I often need a sounding board.

But then all I have to do is look up at that picture ... my sister is such a fabulous support system - we have similar brain waves (Time Warp, Miss. Congeniality quotes, and Tide-to-Go sticks notwithstanding (I think I just used that word wrong)). Anyway, I really should get going - it isn't late but I have so much to do ... and a Sex and the City episode to watch. Love always, ~Heather


zug said…
There's Martin's hair cut to see on our blog.