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Good Things

After my earlier post it seems that all has basically taken care of itself. (Sorry if you couldn't read it due to all the french - I'll translate the important parts if you need me too.) Dana is going to be an awesome roommate, no questions. Roommate #2 seems enthusiastic and I'm hoping they will open up and get along with everyone. Roommate #3 is growing on me, and hopefully everyone else.

I am very excited to be having breakfast with a new friend Wednesday before what I hope will be my last trip to DC until I move! Two exciting things on Wednesday, right after a really super 4th of July!!! Michelle is coming down to spend the day with us, I might get to meet up with the lifeguard, playing grass volleyball in the field is a bright prospect .... the next two days are going to be really good. I can feel it. Plus, some really wonderful family friends in Virginia are going to put me up during my visit. I don't think I could ask for better luck than that.

Tonight I hung out with my family (no shocker there). We had a really good dinner, chicken with tomatoes and other interesting spices, rice, and veggies. I beat my Dad at 500 rummy (I keep telling him to stop letting me win, but he is insistent!) and then we all settled down to watch Jarhead. It was a really interesting movie about the life of a Marine during Desert Storm. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about a career in the military.

During the film I took an ice cream break. Let me just say that my new favorite ice cream is the Harris Teeter brand Peanut Butter Cup. If you live near a Harris Teeter, you need to pick this up. It is marvelous. If you like Reese's cups - you should just buy two gallons to save yourself the second trip to the store. I seriously have to ration myself and not allow myself to eat dessert until later in the evening because it is possible I would eat way too much or go back for seconds. Yes, it is that good.

I am once again making appointments. I getting excited. I will even have the money thing figured out this time. My camera will have new batteries. My maps will not get me lost. This is going to be a fantastic experience. But this is not the best thing. No sirree Bob (don't want to get lost on "Bob's road" during my trip, as a side note).

I was talking to Amber today. I met Amber while playing volleyball at USC. I have trouble placing the very first time I met her, but I have extremely vivid memories of the first time we actually had a conversation. She was working on a biology class project with another girl named Heather and I was going to help them. As time past after this Amber and I talked about alot of other things: her major, her roommates, volleyball - lots of stuff.

She played for the club volleyball team I coached, played with me on the intramural squad, helped as an officer for v-ball, became a mentor in the Carolina Mentoring Community, and even took the position as stage manager for Ecifircas (my senior thesis musical with Pam). We had our minor bumps in the road - and one big one in class one day - but this girl always amazed me with her amazing outlook on life and incredible smile. She was a good listener, even though as her RA my job was to listen to her. She even taught me all the ridiculous phrases in Napolean Dynamite. "Gosh, idiot!" being our favorite.

We were talking today and I cannot explain how much I think she has grown in the past few years. More than that, she really took the idea from the mentoring community with her and even though she didn't live in this year, she "adopted" three freshmen and helped them out. They'll be living together next year. I was so proud, happy, all sorts of emotions. The Community was my baby (as any of my USC friends could probably tell you) and I cherished it. It is almost gone now - at least our version of it. And of all close to 100 people who had been involved in it while I was there, she took it with her. She was the one.

Whenever I engage in a project I think to myself, "Self, (I don't really say self, I say Heather) if even one person is helped by this, than it is worth it; worth whatever comes this way." I am so glad I dealt with all of the obstacles because it is worth it now. And even better, I have a lifelong friend. Thank God for people like Amber.

Those are the good things from today. I can't wait for tomorrow! Love always, ~Heather


zug said…

Every one's pass their Bac with succes and it's a good end for them this year ! !

thank's for your last mesage in french, it's more easy for us to read for many Lycéens and other friends. Last sunday, it was the week-end "Dodo-Bouffe" and we speak about you and your blog. It'is right, few pictures or illustrations on your blog will be appreciate.