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Got It

We finally got word today that we officially have an apartment for August 1st. In less than one month I will be living in my very first non-parent, non-school residence. I can decorate and do as I choose (within roommate approval, obviously). If I post pictures tomorrow, you'll see an awful lot of the current tenants stuff, but it is going to be our place.

I'll be signing a lease and expediting a security deposit. I can start packing and inventory and imagining what I'll do with the place (actually already started that). How good can it get with a washer/dryer, full kitchen, great room with wood-burning fireplace, small sitting area, storage, and all utilities - cable and internet too - included? It didn't even break my miniscule (for DC) budget.

I am going to bed now. But the good news plus Batman Begins made tonight an excellent success. Love always, ~Heather


discipleassisi said…
congratulations!!! and thank you SOOOO much for my house-warming letter! it was the first addition to my bulletin board. you, as always, go above and beyond the call of friendly duty. i'm so glad you found such a nice place!!!
Napoleon said…
Hooray, a place to watch the Georgia game.
Hugues said…
Congratualtion Heather ! !
We have one or two things to you here and we'll send them to you when you were in place.