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I am still looking. Day two going to Day three tomorrow. I emailed about five people tonight. I have at least eleven phone calls to make in the morning. Some of the places look promising, others just look like they might work. I'll see everyone of them that I can though until I find us the perfect apartment. I am just not willing to settle yet. I was this morning and again in the car this afternoon - ready to just quit and take what I could. I'm not going to be okay with that.

In other news, I think I have memorized alot of the grid of streets in the NW area between Connecticut, Massachusetts Avenue and Wisconsin. That is what driving around in presumable circles will do to you. Oh, and I only got honked at twice today (down from yesterday's six), I didn't "block the box" once, and I was never so lost that I didn't know where I was. I even survived Dupont Circle (I took the tunnel under it the second time though). Overall stress level while driving was a 3/10 today as opposed to an 8/10 yesterday (3 being cursing, but only loud enough I can hear it in my car and 8 being crying in futility (I think a 10/10 would just be pulling over and calling someone else to drive my car for me or just outright having some minor heart attack in the car (knock on wood, I meant figuatively))).

I did start the day right by catching up with my absolutely fabulous friend Jen and eating at Bob Evans for breakfast. I love hanging out with her because she is so different than me but seems to totally get me. She has already made som really big decisions in her life and dealt with some very random and difficult situations and only seems the stronger. Kudos for her cool job and her own office!

Yucky fast food lunch and good meatloaf, homemade by Becca for dinner and that rounds out meals and the only thing I've really done but house hunt all day. Oh and watching President Bush on Larry King Live. Did anyone else notice that the Blue Room doesn't look out on the Jefferson Memorial (I'm pretty sure anyway) and that it appeared to be daylight in DC at 9:46 pm? They should really work on their interpretation of "live," because live-to-tape isn't the same thing, nor does it work if it is nighttime when you play it.

Live from the hunting grounds (or 52 miles nearby anyway), this is Heather saying, "Goodnight and happy hunting (for housing, not animals you taxidermy loving freaks). Love always, ~Heather