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This was too funny not to post.

Mom: I really want to get a tread mill for the house
Mom: then I could go in ten min spurts all day long
Me: you could just walk around the house in ten minute spurts

Mom: The treadmill keeps you moving or you fall off
Mom: on the floor you can stand still

Mom: I think Shadow could use a treadmill too
Me: how are you going to teach the dog to walk on the treadmill?
Mom: Have him walk up onto the machine, chain him there and turn it on
Me: isn't that animal cruelty?
Me: what if he falls down
Me: he could choke
Mom: Na - he needs to lose weight - so we're doing him a favor
Me: by maybe killing him?
Mom: we'll catch him until he's trained

Mom: hey he might like it
Me: yeah it'll be like doggy hell
Mom: especially if we tie a doggie bone on the handle
Mom: he'll chase after it
Me: He's gonna get the bone right away and lay down and break that treadmill
Mom: OK so maybe not such a great idea

Best laugh of the day. Hugs and kisses Mom! Love always, ~Heather

After sharing it with Caroline:
Caroline: wow.. shadow on a treadmill
Caroline: interesting
Caroline: some dogs like treadmills
Me: Isn't my mom hysterical?
Caroline: yes she is
Caroline: and u are too
Caroline he wouldnt choke or die.. he woulda been fine
Caroline: and u would just have to get a long treadmill and set it fast for shadow to not reach the bone right away

My cheeks hurt I am laughing so hard. Love again, ~Heather