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Monday and Tuesday I was in Nancy, France. This is in the Lorraine region. I went with Alice to go and visit friends there: Isabelle and Anne-Hélène. We had a fabulous time and I took tons of pictures.

I am not going to be able to give you a million details about the trip yet, because I am still incredibly slack, however, I at least have added some pictures for your pleasure. The photo above comes from a round ball implanted in the ground to help you see the whole plaza behind you. They are all over Nancy and were a great help in getting both Isabelle and I in this photo of the Place de Stanislov (sp??).

Monday night Isabelle took Alice and I out to dinner. I had the most incredible veal I have ever eaten (cream sauce, melted like butter in your mouth). But the menu had treats from all over Alsace and Lorraine. The look of honor there is the symbol for the fabulous and super intelligent blonds. Aren't my friends stunning?

This last one come with a great story ... we were walking around and I realized we hadn't taken a picture together, so I took one of us myself. After I had taken it, a man came up and, in English, offered to take our picture together for us. In French, I replied that it wasn't necessary because it had actually turned out okay. As I walked away he kind of shook his head at me and appeared pretty displeased. I htought that was ridiculous because I hadn't needed his help and had thanked him for his offer. When Isabelle and I sat down to drink our hot chocolates (hers was Viennese) she told me that he had asked me in English to help me and I had responded in French. I hadn't even noticed he had spoken to me in English - I had understood what he said and that was all that registered. He had been upset because I had responded in French ... well, at least I was trying?? It was funnier than it seems in this little anecdote, I promise. Remind me and I'll tell you in person some time.

Okay, more about this trip later. Love, ~Heather