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Taking on Democracy

After my time here in France I feel significantly more American. I take pleasure in knowing that I can do something to change my government. I can vote, I can write letters, I can even run for political office if I want to (seriously tempted, by the way). But, I don't want to vote for the person the media told me to. I don't want to have to choose a political party. I don't want to choose my candidate because I figure he must be better than the other guy, and the other guy is terrible.

My time in France has shown me that the whole world has different views on what freedoms are inherent in its citizens. Plenty of places claim to be democratic and freedom loving, but they just aren't. It makes me more proud of my country than ever. (Including all those times we spent singing along to Lee Greenwood on the Hammack's pool deck and last year at the 4th of July Festival.) If you have ever seen the changing of the guard in Arlington cemetery, this feeling is kind of like that. You know there are problems in the world, horrible problems, and so much has gone to waste fighting over them. But you feel helpless to do anything, but hopeful that something can be done. Well, someone is going to try to do something.

On my Spare Time site I reposted a message titled, Taking on Democracy. Take a little time to read it and email a response if you see fit. I think I am going to just edit some of my blog entries and send them along. You do whatever your heart desires, I suppose.

It is a good thing to get more people out and voting. Our democracy depends on it. It is what makes us special in a world of voting democracies and republics that claim freedoms to demonstrate and social services beyond measurable comparison while taxing their citizens to the Stone Age and then throwing them in jail or having them fired for going on strike.

Voting is also what makes us special in places where dictators rule, revolutionaries get run over by tanks, religious freedom means the right to worship the way the government says, and trial by jury has never been heard of. (Not that everyone is a big fan of jury duty, but seriously, wouldn't you rather have a jury than be beheaded without one?)

My political diatribes notwithstanding, this is a real issue. Please show your support. Plus, I have found that my version of politics seems to make people a little uneasy anyway, me not always having an idea what I am talking about and all. Okay, discussion over. Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming.

"After these messages... doodly doodly doop! ... we'll be right back!"
(as the little characters switch heads or run around or something)

I couldn't resist, and anyone who ever watched ABC Saturday morning cartoons definitely knows the tune to that little diddy anyway! Love always, ~Heather