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All this travelling around, and I still have jitters. Caroline is coming tomorrow and I am going to meet her in Paris. The trip consists of a train ride, a metro/RER ride, waiting at the airport, a return trip to Paris, dropping luggage at our hotel, and then hitting the city for a little while. All before catching some zzz's and taking a metro to a bus to an airport to go to Spain. Think I've covered a few miles in the last week?

Anyway, I am nervous because I have never had to plan a trip for more than just me before. If I screw up, no big deal. If I screw up now, I ruin her vacation. So, I guess that means I can't screw up. Must get everything done, must work hard. Must get going.

Sorry about not writing about the other countries and the trip to Isabelle's in Nancy yet. If I have time tonight I am going to do it. If I don', I'll write it up on the train tomorrow and then add it with all the details about the trip to Spain next week. You'll get to read about adventures in four countries! Travelling Europe. Who ever knew I was going to do this?

Running off. Have to clean the room, make a pie out of the apples in my room, go do some laundry and drop off some food I can't finish before I leave with Alice, and then pack. And scan the adventure guide pages so I don't have to bring the whole travel book. And print the plane ticket information. And the hostel info sheet I made. Oh the things to do. Love always, ~Heather