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Fulfilled Craving!

At long last I have fulfilled my craving for peanut butter here in France. No, I did not actually find peanut butter that tastes like peanut butter, but I was able to make peanut butter cookies. That's right, I used the leftover, quite horrible, peanut butter I bought at the beginning of the year to make some fabulous peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious. I have have been satisfied. Hurray!

Not at all related, but (thankfully for my waist) on the same day (yesterday), I got to run a five-one with the volleyball team. Not the all girl one I'll be playing with on Saturday, but with the group of us (first to sit out and the people not playing Saturday) playing against them. I was so worn out after the first five plays, I almost asked to switch back to normal. For those of you who don't know, a 5-1 is a team set-up in volleyball where the same person always takes the 2nd ball (of each hit on your team's side). Also, they are responsible for playing backrow defense on any attacks, and then getting to the net in time to set if they didn't take the first ball. Simply put, I was running my little legs off. It was marvelous to be able to really play.

I'm off to clean my room so that I can work in there after lunch. (I have this weird problem that I cannot do homework in my room if there is a direct mess in my line of sight. In a room as small as mine is at the moment, that pretty much leaves me with cleaning my whole room.) I want to prepare some really good lessons for the kids in the coming week. Not that I don't always want to plan good lessons - but still. We won't be in school for Valentine's day, maybe I'll teach about that!

OKay, seriously running off now. Love you, ~Heather