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Stir Fry Sunday

While walking to church this morning I triped and skinned my elbow and a good portion of the front of both of my legs. It should be noted my elbox was three layers from the stone ground, and I was wearing dress pants. It was a fabulous trip and spill over a metal chain. I step over it all the time ... each time I go to church. I guess I missed today. Anyway, the psalm was something like, "God heals all our wounds." I guess that was fitting.

Also, it should be noted that today is Communication Sunday. We are supposed to pray for communication specialists and journalists in their endeavor to spread truth. As this is apparently always the first Sunday in February and I have never heard of it before, I thought I would share it with you, especially since Communications is my desired field.

Okay, so after church Myriam invited me over for lunch. She and I get along really well because she was an assistant too. She condemns the French system for trying to rid the world of new ideas and has lived in Egypt, Austria, and Germany. Plus, she is a genuinely nice person. She hadn't really thought about what we would have, so after a quick glance in her fridge we decided on stir fry with chinese noodles. She had never really had soy sauce before - but it worked out okay. She had all this asian food in her apartment because after the Chinese New Year (year of the dog), all the supermarkets near her had these big sales on anything asian. Good news for our lunch.

We wound up talking until about 3:30. Afterwards, I helped her with the dishes and she dropped me off back here at home. This would be a good time to tell you about the really weird thing that happened this morning. I left my room to go take a shower, and the light was on in the main foyer. This is strange because as far as I know, the only other person in the building is the man at the end of the hall, and he is really strict about cutting off the lights. Then I noticed my bathroom door was open. This is highly unusual because I am SURE I am the only one here that is supposed to be able to use it. Upon cautiously entering the bathroom, I discovered that someone had opened the window. Now it was below freezing last night, so I am now not thrilled about the idea of taking a shower in a really cold bathroom. More importantly however, who had been in here opening the window? My only possible solution was someone letting a transient bird out - but still, I think we are going to need to not do that again. It is kind of freaky. (Note for new readers: birds sometimes get stuck in the building because of the door downstairs not being closed, and then they can't get themselves out again).

Anyway, now I'm writing and afterwards I am going upstairs to make some meatloaf and salad. Yum yum. First stir fry, now ... well anything for dinner at this point would be good. Happy Superbowl Sunday to all of you football fans, and for Mom, Go Steelers! Love always, ~Heather