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I feel better today. I applied for a job at PBS. I scoured the internet for possible internships and found two other possible jobs that I could do next year while taking classes. I wasn't even bummed when most of the jobs required experience (of which I technically have none in the communications field). This could be cool. It could be a beginning. I could be on my way to something.

I did laundry, dishes, and cleaned up my closet (folding etc.). I even made a contraption so I could hang two of my coats on my bedroom door (the hanging side of my closet is about 1.5 feet wide). I am going to make fruit salad and apple pie and something for dinner tonight. (The pie and fruit salad are for tomorrow). I love this feeling.

I hope all is well on the western front. Things here seem to be progressing nicely. Love always, ~Heather