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Summer Camp

As it turns out, paying for my life in DC next year is going to be expensive. Also, not being available for interviews and really not wanting to have to ask anyone else for letters of recommendation has left me in a place where I need to find a summer job instead of internship (though there is still internship hope). Fayetteville, NC, where I am bound to be spending part of my summer, is not an easy place to find a job. This is because nobody wants to hire someone who is only around for the summer. As a matter of fact, they basically only want volunteers. I love volunteering, but that isn't going to pay my rent.

Where can you find a job where they don't mind you are only available in the summer? A beach town, an amusement park, or summer camp. I chose to look into summer camps this week. It has been a really fun experience looking at pictures of smiling kids and counselors. I decided to take some initiative and enter myself into a camp staff database. I think that even though I have never worked at a camp, I am staggeringly overqualified to be a cabin counselor. As it turns out, I have something like 4 years of full-time quality work experience with teenagers and about 10 years of part-time experience with children. I never thought I would be well on my way to finding a job at this age - but I could be a camp counselor year round if I wanted. I wouldn't make alot of money, but I would be perfectly qualified (except I need to renew my CPR and rescue breathing certifications).

My point is not to express my qualities here. My point is to get some feedback on places that some of you may have gone, counselored, worked, anything. I want to know what to look for in these camps (besides air-conditioning). Any feedback or advice you might have would be greatly appreciated. This should be a fun and interesting summer. If only I knew what I was doing! Love always, ~Heather