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"Ding Dong" Dinner

I did not order out for food.

Nor did I eat pre-packaged pastries. (Or any pastries, really.)

The "ding dong" I am referring to is a bell. (Yeah! to everyone who knew that from the beginning!) As it turns out, I am a procrastinator (see my previous blog on this subject). I procrastinate about everything. Recently, as I have no real work to do, I have been procrastinating on eating dinner.

I'm not doing it on purpose, I just get caught up in whatever I am doing here on the internet and don't manage to go upstairs at a reasonable hour. Then I have to actually make the dinner and eat the dinner. I'm not saying any of that is an excuse, I am just trying to explain why it is 8:28 in the evening and I haven't eaten anything since lunch.

Speaking of lunch .... see, I almost did it again. But I am going to resist the temptation. I am going upstairs to eat. I will have my dinner. I'm going now. I really am.

Boy, am I a nerd.

Love always, ~Heather


Heather said…
I should tell you I didn't get upstairs until 9:13pm. Yeah, there is definitely .. def..def.. definitely something wrong with me.