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When God Closes a Door

The French and English are mixed. Le francais et anglais sont melanger.

There is a saying that, "When God closes a door he opens a window." Basically meaning even the most difficult and obstacle filled experiences have paths out. Or, say if you really had your eye on something and it didn't work out, that something else would come up to fill its place. I just wanted to say that today it did.

Two nights ago I lost a friend (don't worry, they're still alive). I guess I didn't so much lose them as they had been drifting all along and then suddenly decided to jump out of the boat. Anyway, I was really bummed about it. Then today, a friend I thought I had scared into ignoring me (or jumping out of the boat if you want to stick with the last metaphor) popped back up. I was so enormously thrilled.

Il y a un proverbe qui dit: "Quand Dieu ferme une porte il ouvre une fenetre." C'etait mon experience aujourd'hui. J'ai un ami, mon meilleur ami du lycee qui m'est ecrit une lettre, simplement a dire qu'il ne veut pas parler avec moi encore. Super gentil, n'est-ce pas? J'etais boulverse pour peut-etre cinq minutes et apres, en colere. Je n'ai pas le patience pour les imbeciles comme ca. Et en fait, c'etait super. Je suis recu un autre message d'un ami apres un long temps qu'on n'a pas parle. J'hesite a dire que c'est un remplacement (parce que ca c'est jamais possible) mais c'est un petit "comfort" (c'est le bon mot??) - une fenetre. Aussi, je veux dire que comme bebe, c'est difficile d'ecrire ami en neutral ... tres bizarre les masculins et feminines.

In other news, I am trying to recover from not having really slept this weekend. I've been babysitting all week, which I love but find very tiring. Yesterday I had a 4 year old, two 3 year olds, and a 1.5 year old. A pleasure cruise. Carrying them around, chasing after them, playing in the yard, in the sprinklers, going to the playground, going to the art museum, feeding ducks (and I am really scared of them and a goose was totally hissing at us the whole time), making meals ... it is so much more exhausting than I think you can imagine unless you have done it.

Tomorrow however will be much better (not for the sleeping though). I am going to Colorado to see my sister. I think I miss her way more now than I ever did before, so seeing her for five whole days is going to rock. Mom and Dad and I fly out tomorrow AM around 6:30. Let me just say that getting up at 3am to get to the airport on time is not going to be the best experience of my entire life. But as you well know, I have had much longer travel days than that.

When I get back I will continue my babysitting, start housesitting, and start tutoring (hopefully). I am really going to try to start going back to my dance class, playing volleyball, and maybe even set up a recycling center in my town. Probably not the last one though. I want to have a good time this summer, I honestly do (despite previous posts that hinted I was sabotaging my own summer).

I think Garrison coming (already two weeks ago???) really put me back on my path. I was able to just listen and be with a friend, commiserate, and be almost my whole self. Oh and we even made one of those "if both of us aren't married by the time we're ..." contracts. Funny thing is, we had already done that a few years back. I don't think he has anything to worry about though, I honestly don't know why has taken other people so long to see how wonderful he is (don't get the wrong idea, he is like a brother to me).

Je passe mon temps, pour le plupart avec les enfants. Les tres petits, moins 5 ans. Tous les jours avec les jouets, les aventures, les larmes des crocodiles, et souvent avec quel qu'un dans mes bras. C'est fatiguant. Je pense que c'est impossible de comprendre si t'as jamais fait ca toi-meme. Mais bientot (demain) je vais prendre un pause et rendre une visite a mon soeur en Colorado. Elle me manque beaucoup (plus et plus maintenant je trouve) et je suis contente de la voir avec sa nouvelle maison, son chien, et sa Jeep (et aussi les montagnes d'ouest).

Quand je rentrera, je vais continuer avec le babysitting et aussi avec les autres petits travaux quand possible. Aussi, je vais recommencer avec la danse, le volley, une chorale ... je ne sais pas ... les choses diverses. Je veux passer un ete extrordinaire (au contraire des autres blogs avant qui a dit les idees differents). Je suis plus sur mon chemin maintenant apres le visite de mon ami du lycee Garrison. Il est vraiment proche de moi parce que je peut rester moi-meme avec lui pour le plupart. Il a m'aidee de trouver moi-meme et les choses important quand il etait ici.

Je vais marquer que le dialogue n'est pas un traduction direct, plus comme un sommaire avec les detailles differents. Et en francais, je pense que j'ai fini pour le moment. A la prochaine avec les nouvelles de la montagne! ~Heather

After writing all of this (mostly rough translation with different details in the French text), I am getting a little tired and also need to wash the kids dishes before they wake up from their nap again. I just wanted to say thank you for reading this though, because I know it isn't always an adventure by the typical standards ... but it is an adventure to me - this thing called life. I'll try to have some more exciting news for you next time (check the HOBY blog for the leadership adventure - when I actually get around to writing it!).

Love and miss you all. Keep in touch (I swear I am going to start responding to letters soon. I am as slack as they come right now though.) Hugs and kisses, ~Heather

P.S. I am not coming back and living in that room again.

P.P.S. Congratulations to all my friends who graduated who I didn't already say congratulations to.

P.P.P.S. Please remind me to avoid feeding my children buttered noodles ... I know I can do better than that!