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Lemon Cake & Lemon Chicken

If you are what you eat, I'm sour (in a very sweet way).

Because it is my birthday, my mother is making my favorite things for me to eat, and it just so happens they both happen to be lemony. I wouldn't usually talk about my birthday, because it truly is an awful lot like every other day of the year, except this year is a bit unusual. It is the first time in four years I'll be home on my birthday. This little detail might not seem important to most people - especially because I'm not having a party or any other type of big celebration - but I am a girl who adores tradition and tradition says you get your favorite foods on your birthday; I'm thrilled to be able to participate again after such a long time.

In other annual like news, I feel no different. I have been looking forward to this age since the sixth grade - I think because of a strangeness I have yet to shake from my mentality. But anyway, I don't know if this year is going to be a big year or not, a good year or not, an exciting year, the year of my life, or a year that is going to change me forever or not. But I feel like every year has changed me at least a little and I haven't, perspectively, had a "bad" year yet, so I don't imagine it will start now.

I hope I can be a good person this year. I want to do so many things, but specifically take this year to be a good friend. Now more than ever I have friends all over the world, and though not linked through blood, I have family all over the world too. I make it my mission to keep in touch, to send birthday and anniversary notices, hugs and smiles, letters or phone calls - whatever it takes to keep the chain alive and strong.

I want to be a good student and worker, a good roommate and citizen, and a patient and observant person of some relative sort of significance. I want to continue to be brave and say the things I think when I think or feel them. I want to use my "nothing's impossible" mentality to overcome any obstacle. I want to finally keep my room clean and in a state of order. I still don't know how any of that is going to work out.

2006 Started in Ireland for me and I have since been to five countries before coming home to this one. I miss so much of my experience overseas already and find myself talking to the dog in French just because he doesn't seem to mind and I think I am driving my parents mad by my incessant chattering about France. I don't want to forget. So, as my last personal mission: I won't forget the things I've learned, tangible or not and apply those things to my life here at home.

All of these seem pretty reasonable to me. I guess we'll see. It is an awful lot though. So if you'd like to do me the magnificent favor of writing to me first, you could help me achieve my goals for this prime numbered year. Comments, suggetions, or advice always welcome. Off to a relaxing day here at home! Love always, ~ Heather

C'est mon anniversaire est grace a la date, ma mere preparera mes repas preferes. Je vais aller partager le dejeuner pour le moment - mais je vais essayer d'ecrire plus en francais le prochaine fois. Merci pour votre patience encore et vous me manqez beaucoup. Bisous, ~Heather