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Catching Up

All of my packages finally arrived yesterday from France, my bank account should be closed and all remaining money transferred by tomorrow, I sent out a group email to the people from Taize, I have a pretty decent calendar of events for the summer, I have found at least one project to work on ... things are going well.

I have been playing cards with my family and watching May sweeps - because who wouldn't really? It is pretty sad though considering I haven't seen these shows in 7 months and I still know what is going on. The end of West Wing didn't jerk a single tear, which was a major disappointment. My room went from clean to messy to tidy to really messy ... I don't think I'll ever get that right.

I have been waiting around for my advisor to call for a few days now because I have some real questions to ask about things and he still hasn't called, which is passing from inconvenient to annoying fairly quickly. Life seems to be turning me in a whirlpool for the moment ... but I can see the shore approaching, which is good.

Besides all that, there is nothing interesting going on. I babysit during the days for a family up the road, which is good money and something to do. Mom thinks she may have found me some more babysitting jobs, Dad found me something as a tutor, and I am going to try and add onto that with a volunteer position taking photos for the MWR unit at Ft. Bragg. I am less worried about money now, having resolved myself to needing a loan next year no matter what and think I can educate myself here this summer if I really try. After my shower today I am going out to get started on that.

So, I just wanted to stop by, say hi, and ask for your patience as I reintegrate myself into my real life. I started replying to letters yesterday, so if you already sent me one (thanks!) you should be getting your response fairly soon. Hope to hear from you all soon. Love always, ~Heather


ChrisWoznitza said…
Hi ich bin Chriswab aus Bottrop !! Viele Grüsse !!