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Denver & More

Yesterday we took a little road trip down to Denver. For those of you unaware, Denver is the capitol of Colorado. It is considered to be the gate to the west - which is interesting because St. Lois claims the same thing. Anyway, we drove down and went to the Art Fair and then walked 16th Street (also known as the mall). It was cool to walk up and down this pedestrian street and see all of the shops and restaurants. There were an incredible amount of outdoor cafes or restaurants that had outdoor dining areas. We ate lunch at the Paramount. All of us had pretty good meals and amused ourselves by reading the slogans and phrases on the t-shirts that were on display in the window of the adjoining building.

After that, we looked at a few more art stands, stopped in the cigar shop for Dad and then headed home. We passed both Invesco Stadium, Coors Field, the Convention Center (which has a giant blue bear looking in the front windows), and a few interesting office buildings. Six Flags is literally in the city and the Laramie Square and LoDo areas (particularly Union Station) at alot of atmosphere to this completely modern western city.

We hung out, watched movies, played Scene It? and other games, and ate Lorien's sausage/vegetable stew thingy. Excellent. Speaking of excellent, we had really good italian the other night, super sushi today for lunch, and yum yum Cold Stone for dessert. I love cake batter ice cream. We have hung out with Lorien's roommate alot too which has been fun.

This morning we all went over to campus to sell back Lorien's books. The campus is just as clean and crisp looking from the interior areas and walking paths as it was the other day. Besides that little adventure, we spent most of the day hanging out, playing cards (I love me some 500 rummy), and watching lots of television.

Right now I am watching Jay Leno make fun of anything telephone. And the presidents. I love that. I don't spend much time watching late night shows because I only like the stand-up parts at the beginning, oh and I am usually sleeping. Okay, I think I am going to go to sleep now. Or I'll read. I'll do something. Miss you guys over there in France. Miss you guys here in the States too. Love always, ~Heather