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Mon visite à Laval avec le groupe des Champanules. C'est nous a Laval (pas tout le monde, et moi, j'ai pris le photo). On a passe quelques heures en ville. Je vais monter les autres photos sur le site des Champanules bientot.

Pendant le weekend j'etais Miss. Montre et responsable pour l'horaire. J'adore quand je peux rendre un service pour les autres, donc ce n'etait pas de tout un probleme.

Valerie a rangee mon lit pour moi un apres-midi. Monsieur Bear etait content avec son mode nouveau.

News from my trip to Laval, France with the Champanules group:

It was a weekend of singing and frivolity in Laval with the other choristes. I had a fantastic time singing, eating, swinging through trees on a ropes course, touring the monastery and farm grounds, and of course visiting downtown Laval.

I was assigned the post of Miss. Watch during the weekend, which basically means I was responsible to get everyone to the appropriate activity at the appropriate time - whether we were finished with the previous thing or not. It felt strange being the youngest group member and obviously speaking with an accent to people I had either only met once or not at all before - and telling them what to do and when to do it. I know it was my job (for once I didn't ask for a masochistic task, yet accepted unknowingly (joking)) but it still felt slightly strange.

The music this time was magnificent, we sang songs in Old English, Old French, Spanish, a negro spiritual, a french church song, and heard a variety of other things as well. We danced traditional Scottish dances, saw a slide presentation on a trip to Quebec (which included a 5 day hike through the snow in February and people "swimming" in the snow (yes, bathing suits at -15C, great plan), and a stop in Montreal), and otherwise enjoyed each others company. I would definitely relate the experience a success, and in comparison to my first time, a HUGE improvement on my spoken French.

It was the first weekend I spent all in French and the last - nothing like end caps to serve as a good judging system. The weekend could have been improved by a little more organization and the presence of my French family (Alice, Hugues, Martin, and ???). But those things weren't really possible, and so I will have marvelous memories anyway. Because I am doing this in retrospective by about a week now, I know I am being less detailed than my usual self, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Love always, ~Heather