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My Sister is the GREATEST

Subtitle: Horsetooth, Ft.Collins, & CSU

We got up, we got ready, we jumped in the car. Off to see Horsetooth Mountain and Resevoir. It is a magnificent example of geological uplifting and oh yeah, its stuningly gorgeous! It was a great little car trip and then we headed down to downtown or old town Ft.Collins (no fort left now sadly).

Downtown Ft. Collins is really cute, quaint, and evidently the result of a college town. Bars and restaurants litter the main street. However, the town is remarkable because it is clean, well landscaped with fountains and pedestrian streets and spotted with outdoor cafes. And of course it helps that you can look up from your French onion steak sandwich and see the Rocky Mountains.

While we were speaking about food .... we ate at a Cooper Smith's Brewery. I had cider with the previously mentioned sandwich. Both were delicious. The au jus sauce and the horseradish-mayonaise on the side were perfect additions. {Alice, the sandwich only had bread on the bottom - I'm trying to follow your diet. :) }

We also drove through the Colorado State University campus. The university has about 25,000 students and doesn't seem too large, but it is really pretty. My sister is a student there and she explained that you sometimes feel like you are in a cave because there are 3 basement levels in some buildings. Also, that the university doesn't seem so small when it is 10 below and you have to walk to class. But all in all I found the actual campus beautiful - and I'm not just saying the backdrop of the mountains again - the grass was so green, the buildings all seemed to be in good shape. Very cool.

Another very cool thing is that Colorado is the healthiest state in the country. This is evident when you check out the athletic facilities on campus, the parks everywhere, bike lanes on the side of most roads, and the enormous amount of people running, cycling, or otherwise getting fit around town.

And now to the title section of this blog. After lunch and the tour we went to the mall. You know I hate the mall. If you didn't, I do. Malls are for getting something specific, meeting someone, or getting a new phone battery. Shopping for clothes in the mall should be restricted to serious sales and days that you are feeling exceptionally pretty. So, take this as a setting for the following scene.

I went to the Limited. And within a few short minutes there were 12-15 hangers on the door and on the racks in this telephone booth sized prison cell. Except for the first time, maybe ever, it wasn't too bad. In fact, it wasn't bad at all. My birthday present was supposed to be a dress suit. Unfortunately I couldn't find a suit jacket that fit well. Instead, I got a skirt, pants, and a multitude of tops that can all be used as dress-up clothes. There was no, "You're too fat" commentary. There was no, "Oh, well I guess that isn't going to work." It was all so positive. Everything "looked good." I made all the decisions about things I didn't think looked good. I chose all the stuff I wanted and thought I would wear. I was not allowed to look at price tags. (Side note: Shelby was an excellent help in getting things prepared as well - she and Lorien picked out all things that would be flattering (except that bathing suit with a skirt shirt) Thanks Shelby!)

My sister not only paid for all of this new wardrobe, but I didn't feel bad about it - and she was so absolutely generous about it. We went to the Buckle and we got the most expesive pair of jeans I've ever worn in my entire life. They are Luckys and guaranteed to last. They are immensely comfortable and make me look good too.

It took me thirty minutes to get ready yesterday morning because I was so angry at myself for being ugly (I know, I know ... I have my bad days - you know you do too) and ended the day feeling pretty for looking exactly like me. It was so good. That is pretty much all because of my sister. She is the greatest sister of all time. You might disagree, but you would definitely be wrong. She is fantastic. Plus we went and saw X-Men 3 together with our parents that night too. Hello, what a great day. Feeling pretty, seeing the mountains, checking out a new city, seeing CSU, getting new clothes, and watching god movies (saw part of Hitchhiker's Guide too). What a day. Now on to another. Love always, ~Heather