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Home Again Home Again

_____________________________ (kudos to anyone who can fill in the blank there)

I wanted to let everyong know that I am back home again, safe and sound, and in the presence of all my luggage! The trip went well, minus one little hitch with US Airways' baggage policy, and I am (knock on wood) so far free from symptoms of jetlag.

Je suis arrivee - en tout securite et avec toutes mes valises. Plus, je ne suis pas fatiguee. Super! Sauf un petit amend (ils sont nuls, les gens a US Airways) tout va bien.

I am looking forward to this summer of visits: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, and South Carolina. I might be working the HOBY conference in VA in a few weeks but besides that I am free and clear for the summer. Anyone feeling ready for a roadtrip should let me know and I am so in.

I did not receive the internship at the OMB or the fellowship at the Smithsonian and am therefore definitively going to American University next year in pursuit of my masters with no other strings attached. I might apply for some other interships though. Who knows really.

For now though I am going to help Mom cook dinner and then do something productive. I am not feeling exceptionally productive today - laziness, being a little depressed, and good old fashioned procrastination all working in my favor - I better leave you while I still have the energy to do anything at all. Hugs and kisses, ~Heather