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I cannot even begin to tell you how tired I am, and yet again, I am not sleeping. I was driving home from near Norfolk today and stopped at a rest area near exit 98 on I-95 because I didn't think I could make it home. I live at exit 58. I couldn't go 40 miles without a five minute power nap and a walk (including a face washing in a surprisingly clean bathroom). That should give you some idea.

I blame myself for this - staying up until 3:30 and then getting up at 7:30 after having only gotten 5 hours Friday and about 6 on Thursday night ... yes friends, as it turns out, driving for 7 hours, hanging out with family/friends/new acquaintances for 8 hours, working 41 hours and then sleeping for 15 ... it just isn't good for you (that 72 hour weekend ... I am somehow missing an hour - shower time maybe?).

Anyway, I have pictures. I have stories. I have new and exciting cheers (some of which I may save as soundbites because they are too funny that way). I have grass stains on my jeans and a whole new t-shirt. I am a girl who has been to a leadership conference. And with this leading ability I am now commanding myself to go to bed. I'll write to you tomorrow. Goodnight. Love always, ~Heather

Je suis trop fatiguee d'ecrire en francais. A demain. Peut-etre. ~Heather