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Sites to See

During the daytime, I took Clark (visiting cousin, see previous entry) on a walking tour to enjoy the glorious weather and the fabulous cherry blossoms. We went to AU for a bit to see campus.

Once downtown, we started at Union Station and walked down First Street. This takes you past most of the Senate office buildings, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, and of course, the Capitol building.

We walked around that on the south side, swinging around to walk down the Mall. We tried to stop in the Botanical Gardens, but we were ten minutes late. So we strolled down the Mall looking at the other museums (and all the people filtering out).

This takes you past the Native American Museum, Air & Space, Hirshorn Sculpture, the Voyage outdoor planet exhibit, and Smithsonian Castle. There are a bunch of museums on the other side too, but we stuck to the one side.

Afterwards, we took the metro home and made tuna steaks, stewed tomatoes with ocra, and rice for dinner. Good weather afternoons in the city with family are irreplacable.

Hugs to all, ~Heather