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Five days is a long time

Since the Internet went out:

I hung out with G on a brief visit to Tenleytown. It was so nice to catch up with my world-traveling pal. Safe and happy travels G!

Our crab Scuttle now has a crab crawl made of corks from wine bottles. It is this hysterical looking ramp so she can get up out of the water every once in a while. So far she is still climbing up the aquarium plants instead. There is hope yet.

I went shopping for dress clothes. I was sparked by What Not to Wear. I usually don't take my fashion advice from TV shows, but this was different. It showed a woman who by the show's standards dressed really well, except she was a CEO. It talked about dressing the part you want, and not down-playing your work by dressing beneath your caliber.

Plus, I needed a second business suit in case I ever get a follow-up interview somewhere. Thank goodness for the 40% off everything sale and my bonus 20% off coupon. That's 60% off friends. If you have to go shopping, that is the way to do it.

I worked in the park and finished a ton of reading for my thesis. I also wrote two mini-lit reviews. Serious progress!!

I saw High School Musical performed by St. Johns College High School. I must say that a few of the songs are annoyingly catchy, though the actual book is even more cheesy (is that possible?) than its cinematic counterpart.

I went out for dessert after the show to a Mexican restaurant with three fabulous friends: a 12 year-old, a forty something, and a fifty something. I like how friendship transcends age.

Stayed up late baking the most sprinkle-full cake I've ever seen for Dana's birthday. It even had crazy candles. When she blew them out, sprinkles flew everywhere. I don't think I've ever seen anyone blow so hard parts of the cake flew off before!

Church choir was more awesome than usual because we sang "You are Holy" which is a fabulous Christian rock song. It wasn't quite Catholic, but it was glorious. I sometimes think Catholics need a good kick in the pants from our Protestant brethren - at least in the making church more parishoner friendly department.

Gar came to visit and we had take-out sushi in the park, drove around to see some of the classical (and not so classical!) architecture in NW DC. After, we went to down to Georgetown and walked around Oak Hill Cemetery and Dumbarton Oaks. Both beautiful (more blogging as soon as he emails me the pictures!).

Pizza, a speech, part of Planet Earth (quite good), a little screaming at the busted Internet, and a few more project pages.

Today was crazy too. Up early to school to check email (finally!). Then to physical therapy, where after the most painful massage I've ever had (I seriously teared up) I fell asleep on the giant ice pack for my shoulder. Back to school for hours of Internet searching ... those pesky last minute articles for my thesis and checking classes etc. Oh, and yelling at financial aid.

Financial Aid is the most disfunctional office on the AU campus. I feel very passionately that without any training in this area, I could probably set-up a more effective and efficient system that did not screw students.

The latest failure was not getting me a refund check worth enough to pay almost three months rent (a lot if you live in DC), not telling me when I explicitly asked that there was a form I needed to fill out so I could have summer financial aid, sending me a bill when I am supposed to be on scholarship, and never letting me actually talk to my counselor. Vent over.

All this to say, I'm glad I finally have Internet again (even if it is only temporary). I have 13 days to finish my thesis though, so I'm off.

If I don't write for a bit, it is because my short book is in progress. I'm actually excited to work on it. Being a nerd is awesome. Love always, ~Heather