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It's Easter. The new light has come and things are changing. The world won't ever be the same again.

I feel like I didn't get as much spiritual connection this Holy Week as I have in the past, despite the fact that I went to three services Friday, one Thursday, and two today. I have surprised myself though.

First of all, I realized I am complaining about alot more stupid stuff than I used to. In this season of change, I am going to try to give up complaining; see if I can spin in into something positive.

Second surprise, I really bonded with a friend of mine. Did you ever have a new friend who you just, one day, made this amazing new connection with? It's the step between acquaintance-friend and friend-friend. That's what happened. How great is that?

Third surprise, I did something that used to bother me and came out completely unscathed. I was brave and I kept my mouth shut in a situation I usually run-off at the mouth about.

Fourth surprise, I procrastinated for hours and hours. This is actually usual, but the surprise was how I was able to really dig in to my assignment anyway (once I finally got started). I hope it came out okay. Plus, now I'm really thrilled about working on my thesis.

And we'll round it out with a fifth surprise, which was that I could just be here, by myself, and relax. Or stick around and teach people to swing dance. Or make banana cakes.

I've changed a little since last year at this time. I've changed alot since two Easters ago. I sort of wonder what this new year will bring. What surprises I'll have to announce then.

I love the renewal that comes with Easter. Speaking of renewal, I need to get some sleep.

Goodnight. Love always, ~Heather