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Mistakes (continued)

After writing a blogpost on mistakes, I randomly came across this article. As a huge space nerd and a grad student looking for every last interesting story I can incorporate into my thesis as possible, I found this take compelling.

It is about 1.) why the images of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon are so hazy, 2.) how they figured out the problem, and 3.) how NASA lost the proof and the original scientists (some retired for over 20 years) are on the trail to find the truth.

Read it, I think you'll find it very cool. (Or not, but if not, there are video clips and pictures on the side you can click on. If pictures of a complete vacuum with people functioning in it don't thrill you then you're probably out of luck.)

Wired 15.01: One Giant Screwup for Mankind

Love always, ~Heather