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Philosopher Me

I have a theory that ...

  • eating ice cream in the cold makes you feel warmer because your internal body temperature decreases.
  • negative thoughts beget negative actions.
  • the roaches visible at night on the USC campus turn into squirrels in the daytime (you never see squirrels at night and rarely see roaches in the day).
  • living in the now (instead of the past or potential future) will eleviate much stress and emotional drama.
  • pizza places in suburban neighborhoods are counter-intuitively decreasing profits by not delivering to homes (or even being open) after 11pm. I should add this also applies to restaurants who are open later than 11pm but who have a delivery area the size of an olympic swimming pool.
  • if the window and cabinet in my apartment were not open in such a fashion as to let in the outside air, it would stay significantly warmer in here.
  • some people, no matter how hard you or they try, will always be stupid. (The same theory applies to intelligence, though some waste that by acting stupid.)
  • all good people go to heaven.
  • as soon as you stop caring about something, that's when it will happen. (However, it is no good to try to stop thinking/caring about something because then the act of forgetting is related to the task of acknowledging the existence of the thing you are trying to forget.)
  • most people really don't have it all together - even if they look like they do.
  • one day I'll be president. (I'm too young for 2008 though.)
I have alot of theories, as many of my close friends will tell you (and some of my estranged friends too!). They could be right. They could be wrong. They may be technically, chemically, or physically impossible. They may be matters of faith, hope, and dreams. But I don't like philosophy because it tries to place intangible concepts into realistic experience. Also because I find it innately boring.

Tonight however, I was feeling philosophical. My current theory is that I need sleep. Some theories are quite effectively based in reality. Maybe I'll have to give philosophy a second chance.

But not tonight.

Love always, ~Heather


St. Izzy said…
Re: roach/squirrel metamorphoses

I have a friend in Dallas who believes that socks are the larval form of wire clothes hangers. This is why we're always loosing socks and gaining hangers.