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Any Dream Will Do

One more day as the stage manager for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and then it is back to grad school normalcy.

I dream/wish that I could keep working on a show, but not actually have the performances or extended rehearsals until after school was over. I have been beyond frazzled lately, but have gotten so much work done it's unbelievable. Having a million things to do makes me work every available moment of the day. I love working that hard.

That being said, I am EXHAUSTED. It isn't horrible hard work to run a light board, be reposnsible for props and 53 elementary student cast members, and then clean up/set up for the next day. But it is more physically exhausting than you can imagine (unless you've done this) to stand for the two hours before, the hour and a half of, and at least an hour after the show; running like crazy during the breaks and standing as still as possible during the scenes.

I've never been a stage manager before, though I'd like to try it again under different circumstances to see if it gets easier. One thing I know for certain, I have never really given my stage managers enough credit for what they do. Never.

And for all my busy-ness, I like how my life has been lately. I like living on a schedule with places to be and times to be there. I like walking in, doing the work, and leaving without anything related to take home. And I love how being busy while at rehearsal gives me an escape from my life. The whole world might be a stage, but the whole world disappears when I'm on stage. (Or backstage, or in the house, or in the booth ...)

I'm closing my eyes now, and as the song goes, any dream will do until I wake tomorrow to the last day of Joseph and the return to a life I'm not sure I want to go back to.

Love always, ~Heather


Heather sez: I like walking in, doing the work, and leaving without anything related to take home.

That's one of the things I really miss about clinic nursing -- no homework.