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This is a speech I wrote for this week's speechwriting assignment. I thought it was funny enough to warrant a blog post.

Whenever I’m rushing, I think about how much faster I could get to the bottom of the Metro escalators if they were slides instead.

Like at the slides in the park, I often lose time waiting for others so I can go. Since escalators aren’t going to magically turn into slides, the next best solution is to eliminate the human blockades. When people stand on the right, others can pass and arrive at their destinations more quickly.

Imagine getting to the train on time; not having to mumble under your breath or shove past people. Imagine a world where people stood to the right and walked to the left.

So the next time you’re on the Metro escalators envisioning the fun you’d have if only the stairs would morph, stand to the right. The person passing you might be on their way to inventing the escalator slide of your dreams.

I know the grammar isn't perfect (come to think of it, I don't think my posts ever are), but I wrote it for performance, not an essay. I'll let you know what my teacher thought of it. (He used to write for Al Gore when he was Vice President, so he's written a few speeches in his time.)


This weekend seems to be flying by. Yesterday we celebrated Dave's birthday downtown. It was fun to be out with a ton of people. Theresa spent the night and we stayed up talking for hours ... I'm a little exhausted after just a few hours of sleep, but it was worth the experience.

This coming week will be my first full week of classes. I'm really looking forward to getting into the swing of things now that I have my thesis topic picked out, a potential job to apply for, a middle school musical to help with, two professors to work for, and not to mention all the regular homework I have. My life is incredibly full. The more things to do, the better - it keeps me focused.

I'm off to clean up and then get some sleep. Hope all is well with you. Love always, ~Heather