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Fabulous Ice/Snowy Day

I finally got to sleep last night!! Hooray!! Today was half of a snow day really. I thought it was a snow day until I realized that classes at AU were only delayed in the morning and that evening classes were still on. Oh well, I like class.

This afternoon I had quite the adventure getting my poor little Focus out of the ice it seemed to be cemented it. I couldn't even get traction when the snow was out of the way because I was parked on gravel. Not the most ingeniuos thing ever. But no matter.

It was fun to shove the ice off of the top of my car in one giant sheet. Also, watching Dana try to make a snowman out of two inches of ice was pretty funny too. The best moment however was shoveling the driveway. We live on a cul de sac with six houses, but the main driveway isn't in front of a single one of the houses. I decided that this was, however, the best place to begin shoveling, because it was the most travelled location.

Dana stood on the corner as I tried to get the large pile of crap shoved onto the driveway by the plow out of the way. Her job was to signal me when a car was coming so I could get away from the road. So she waved a shuttle and yelled "watch out" as a car came by. The poor driver probably thought she was hollering at him ... I couldn't stop laughing.

In the end, only the bottom third of the driveway got cleared, but my landlord and our next door neighbor came out and helped me which made it better. When I got in the apartment - for probably the first and last time ever - it felt like it was 100 degrees. Because I had only been wearing a windbreaker and a sweater outside in below freezing weather for 45 minutes, I was basically a popsicle. My pants were even frozen. My face didn't return to its normal color for two hours.

But it was fun and a great way to spend part of the afternoon. Class tonight wasn't bad. I had a meeting with the professor first, which went well and got me thinking (always a plus). We got out early since there were so few of us in class. Kristen had brought a bottle of really good Veuve-Clicquot (which is real champagne from Reims!!!!) that she, Liz, Colleen, and I drank in the classroom. Straight from the bottle, which was in a paper bag. We looked like hobos, except we were well dressed and in a computer lab. This rates right after the Valentine's I did VM and then went out with Caroline. It was definitely the way to end the day.

As for it being Valentine's Day - I didn't even notice the difference between yesterday and today. I'm not bitter about this romantic occassion at all - which has been rare these past few years. Today seemed like a perfectly good day. And even if I "had" somebody, I wouldn't have been able to get my car out anyway!

Hope you had a good one. Love always, ~Heather